Ayoub Salem


Ayoub Salem is a Physiotherapist who has had diverse experience working at the Ministry of Health with a wide spectrum of clients, with varying conditions such as sport injuries, low back pain, peripheral joint and post-operation musculoskeletal conditions. Simultaneously, Ayoub had been an intern, specializing in Sports Rehabilitation, which is his true passion. He was responsible for conducting specialized assessments, movement analysis, and fdevoloping treatment plans that are tailored to individual needs. He is an active participant in organizing health-related awareness campaigns, charities, and sports events. Having a certificate in Sport Injury Prevention, Ayoub’s interest is providing athletes with the ideal treatment and prevention approaches for optimum performance and recovery. He is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner. Ayoub is capable of conducting sessions in both Arabic and English.

Education and Training

Bachelor of Physical Therapy

Specialty Interests

Sport Injuries, Low Back Injuries, Mechanical Peripheral Joints Injuries.


Sport injury prevention

Trigger Points Release

Upper limb, lower limb, brain and chest Imaging interpretation

CBT – Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner

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