David Polak


David is FSHN’s resident Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist. He’s been part of the FSHN family since 2017.

Before joining FSHN, David was the Sports Massage Therapist and Rehabilitation Specialist for the Kuwait Swimming Federation from 2003 – 2016. His expertise was used in treating and training athletes in swimming and water polo. David travelled extensively with the teams all over the world to countries in the Gulf, Asia, Europe and North America.

At FSHN, David treats and trains everyone, regardless of their sporting accolades. With Sport Massage Therapy, he treats everything from postural aches and pains to muscle and joint injuries. With Personal Training and Exercise Rehabilitation, exercise focuses on what matters the most to you, whether that is getting you moving, losing weight, getting stronger or recovering from surgery.

David is passionate about his own personal fitness and training. You’ll regularly see him partaking in Kuwait’s biggest races and he is an avid triathlete.

Our team approach at FSHN means your treatment and care is harmonized between all our departments. Our clinicians coordinate to ensure you are receiving the best treatment available and reaching all your goals.

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