Surirat Tick


Graduated from the massage therapy formula from the Ministry of public Health, Chang mai,2007

Worked at Phayao Hospital for 2year massage therapist for health and treatment to solve specific symptoms

Worked at Suan Dog Chiang Mai Hospital 3 yare , Therapeutic massage with herbal massage for health in the treathment of primary symptoms.

Education and Training

3 months internship at Suan Dok Chiang mai Hospital

Attended basic patient care training at Ministry of Lador,Chiang Mai for 3 months.

Herbal Massage Course


course on primary care physiotherapy from the Department of Lobor,Chiang Mai 80 hours Mahaboons Thai massge school 180 hour 2013 Minisitry of Public Health,Chiang Mai , Massage therapy for treatment for patients with primary symptoms 160 hours,2007


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