Marianne Kassab Assaf


Marianne is a licensed nurse and previous nursing instructor. She has broad experience in nursing, nursing education, and patient-family education. Throughout her career Marianne has focused on providing multidisciplinary care to critically ill patients by coordinating with doctors from various departments to formulate individualized care plans. She was responsible for educating patients and their families on the safe use of medication and pain management techniques. In her capacity as nursing instructor, Marianne taught nursing students, developed course materials, supervised and evaluated students in various settings, and assessed clinical learning needs. She has also worked with doctors as a study coordinator, performing physical assessments on volunteers as well as educating them.

Marianne obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Care from Saint Joseph University (USJ) in Lebanon, and acquired licensing as a practicing nurse from both the French and Lebanese ministries of health. She is currently in the process of completing her Master’s degree in Nursing Research at Saint Joseph University.

Marianne also completed a number of pediatric oncology and critical care courses at American University of Beirut’s Medical Center (AUBMC), where she also received certification in patient-family education. Also at AUBMC, and in affiliation with St. Jude Hospital in Lebanon, Marianne worked as a senior pediatric oncology nurse, providing multidisciplinary care to children and coordinating their treatment. She has attended numerous conferences on oncology and co-developed in-service sessions with other registered nurses.


Education and Training
  • Master of Science in Nursing Research, Saint Joseph University (USJ), Lebanon, (2012-present)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Care, Saint Joseph University (USJ), Lebanon, 2001
Specialty Interests
  • Critical Care
  • Patient Education
  • Pediatric Oncology

Patient-Family Education

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