Children Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center


My child does not have a condition, or a formal diagnosis, can they still visit the Center?

Yes, even if your child does not have a formal diagnosis or an identified condition, they may visit the Center for an assessment of their needs. Our therapists will then assess your child and give professional recommendations of any treatment that your child may need.

How old are the children you treat?

Our team treats children of all ages from birth until the age of 18; afterwards adults are treated by our adult therapy team. However, a young adult can continue to seek care at CERC past the age of 18 if it is thought to be beneficial for their therapy.

Do your clinicians speak Arabic and English?

Most of our clinician speak more than one language, we are also able to provide translation services if required. Please call our Center for more information. We have different payment schemes available. For more information, please call our Center.

My child needs therapy. Is treatment expensive?

Our fees are determined by the services required for treatment. As our services are based on individualized treatment plans, only after initial evaluation can we properly assess the problem or concern at hand, and accordingly provide more accurate costs of the services provided.

If your child requires multiple therapies, we are able to offer reduced rates to ensure your child receives the treatment they require. We also offer discounted rates for patients who have previously received treatment.

However, we at FSHN urge that fees not deter you from seeking our professional help. As a non-profit organization, we aim to ensure that all children have access to therapy. Accordingly, through financial assessments, we can offer financial assistance to accommodate all income levels, and therefore never decline a patient due to fees.

Do you treat insured patients?

Yes, we have direct billing arrangements with NAS, KOC, TRICARE, CIGNA and Vanbreda, and we accept health plans from most insurance carriers. You can learn more about our insurance coverage and If you require any further information about insurance, please contact us on (965) 22257238.

I am unable to attend morning therapy sessions due to work commitments, is the Center open during the afternoon?

Our therapists aim to be flexible and accommodate varying schedules, however their schedules are often busy during most afternoons.

Our opening times are: Sunday to Wednesday 8am-6pm, Thursday 8am-4pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

My child is struggling in school. Do your therapists visit home and school to give advice and recommendations?

Yes, our therapists can conduct home and school visits, which can be very helpful in assessing different environments and how they may be affecting your child’s ability to function. However, this is only performed after the assessment session, and if deemed necessary to the child’s treatment.

I am unsure if my child needs therapy, can I speak to a therapist first before I make an appointment?

Yes, our therapists are always happy and available to discuss anything concerning your child and advise on whether any therapy is required. If you require this service, please contact us on (965) 22257238 to discuss your concerns with one of our therapists.


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